Talley Student Center

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Talley Student Center at N.C. State

  • Type University
  • Location Raleigh, NC
  • Year 1Q 2015
  • designed to be the hub for student life on campus, incorporating indoor & outdoor video screens for students to gather for game day experiences
  • located next to Reynolds Coliseum
  • contains the 800 seat Stewart Theatre, multiple food service areas, the N.C.S.U. bookstore, offices, Student Senate Chambers, meeting space, and a 1200 seat ballroom
  • multi-phase addition and renovation of the original 1972 structure
  • 150,000 sq. feet of the project was renovated space
  • 149,000 sq. feet was added
  • floor to ceiling glass and energy efficient design
  • LEED Silver certification


Milestone Planning Graphics really highlighted the areas we needed to focus on for the Talley Student Center. Breaking down such a large complicated job into easy to understand pieces is something I've come to rely on Milestone for. Having worked with them on numerous other projects, they are a team member I've learned to lean on for advice. I would call Milestone on any project not just for their expertise, but for how they help.

Ron Cohn
Vice President of Operations
Rodgers Builders, Inc.