Day 3 = Day 333

How important is your time?  If you think about it for even a brief second you will realize that your time is the most valuable thing you will ever own.  Everyone you meet also will eventually come to that conclusion.  The first day of your life is as important as the last.  When you apply this idea to your projects, its life changing.

What if you attacked day one of your projects the way you attacked the end?  There is something about the way people operate that’s based solely on time running out.  We try our hardest when the deadline is near.  It’s almost like we cannot get out of our own way until we see the sun peaking over the horizon.

What if you did things differently?  What if you could walk in faith knowing that that sun is out there even when you cannot see it in the middle of the night.  It may sound strange but everyone knows this deep down.  You know when you sign a contract that the end date is out there.  It’s real.  People talk about time and they talk about what they need to do before the end date comes but it’s never tangible.  A day two years into the future never seems real.  But it is.  That day is already happening.  Every decision you make starting with the agreement is affecting that day.  Day 3 of what you’re working on is just as valuable as Day 333.

What if your plan was real?  What if you believed so urgently in your plan that you methodically checked off each action item one by one and didn’t worry about the next day?  Everyone has heard the cliché about eating an elephant one piece at a time, but what if you really attacked your work that way?

You should be free after work to do the things they really love.  If you take care of what you need to take care of Monday through Friday, then Saturday you can do what you really love.  We all work for something and it’s not answering 2AM emails.  Planning and urgency can transform your project.  Don’t just use this idea to make a project be successful, but use it for your life outside of work.  Instead of placing value on certain days in your life or certain days of your project, what if you valued them all?  We’ve never met someone who had an endless amount of days but you could be the first.